This page will be our 'Knowledge Centre' where relevant questions will be asked and sensible answers provided. 
We read so many websites where the FAQ section is written by the business owners, but not really what the client / reader is actually looking for. 
So, to ensure that the H D Consultants' frequently asked questions section provides relevant 'real world answers', our mission at this time is to ask you to share the questions and answers that you know would have helped you when you first started looking for a mortgage, or how to plan your life insurance strategy, or how to remortgage, or build a BTL portfolio, what costs are involved, who should be your Executors / Trustees, what does a bridging loan do, and so much more including your insight into the pros and cons and shared experiences with positive and pitfall outcomes. 
As a Firm established over 20 years ago, we have already built a large database of such FAQ's and we will publish them alongside the questions and answers you share with us and our site visitors, too. 
Let's work together, after all, we have built a business based on positive communication and a 2-way relationship. 
Ask your question, provide a 'question and answer' scenario, write a case study ...... please fill in and send the form below. 
Thank you for being part of our commitment to transparency and shared experiences. 
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